Something as Simple as a Smile

There is magic in connection.  There is definitely something to be said about sharing a moment that makes another feel valued and supported.  At Friends, Inc. our volunteers choose to connect with those in need because they know about that magic, and because they care.  They care enough to provide transportation to those in need of countless chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  They care enough to spend quality time with the lonely and send birthday greetings to those who have no one.  They care enough to make certain that wheelchair bound patients get to their medical appointments, physical therapy, family funerals, and recently, even a basketball team reunion party to see cherished old friends.  Our volunteers are quick to deliver groceries to the hungry and medical supplies to those who desperately need them.  They sit with our patients before and after surgeries, making certain that our patients know that they are not facing life’s difficulties and struggles alone. They read books to those whose eyesight is failing, and help sort mail for the blind.  Our volunteers may not realize it, but they truly are life changers.

Every one of us can choose to make a positive difference in someone’s life.  We can all be a source of hope and encouragement to another.  As a Friends, Inc. volunteer, you will be given the opportunity to witness firsthand the magic of connecting with someone who needs you.  By joining hands with Friends, Inc., you too can make a powerful impact on our community, even with something as simple as a smile.