Friends of the Best Kind

Today I find myself especially thankful and grateful for our Friends, Inc. volunteers.  I am thankful for their contribution of time and energy; for their hearts and hands to help and serve others.  I am thankful for their commitment, dedication, sacrifice, love and compassion for those truly in need.  I am thankful for their warm smiles and quick responses whenever asked if available to assist.

Our volunteers are truly “friends” of the best kind and are the heart of Friends, Inc.  Our mission to provide support to patients with serious illnesses and disabilities is made possible because of our volunteers.  They spend their days changing the lives of all those touched by our organization.  Patients are being transported to chemotherapy, radiation, and medical appointments.  Lives are literally transformed as our volunteers ensure that our patients get to fittings for items such as a hearing aid, prosthesis, and custom orthotic shoes.  Our patients are voting because our volunteers are taking the time to make certain all who want to vote has a ride to the polls.  Birthday cards wishing a happy birthday are sent out each month.  Luncheon dates with the patients are not out of the question.  Sitting beside terminally ill patients with a listening ear; fixing computers; planting flowers; going to get ice-cream; bringing over a home-cooked meal; providing fresh vegetables; whatever it takes to make a patient feel valued and cared for, that’s what our volunteers do.

All of these sincerely appreciated acts of kindness take place all year through.  We are exceedingly blessed to be able to call our volunteers… Friends.